BILOU BILOU, so British!



Steven Payne – Director & Founder Maison AD

“When I was asked to design this chair it was shortly after the Brexit vote. The vote and the prevailing air of mistrust in government led me back to my youth. I assumed many guises since my teen years and punk was one. In 1976-77the punk movement was fed by the frustration with government and establishment etc.I liked being non conformist at the time and I am probably still one at heart! I like the music and the clothes and wanted to incorporate some of those aspects and that energy into the design. With this design I hope to express that flavor of rebellion with this moment in time for Britain and for what is happening in the world.”

In September, mind at the London showroom in Pimlico Road, ambulance Promemoria will present six brand new interpretations of the chair Bilou Bilou, an iconic piece from the company’s range which has been revisited by six different British architects and designers.
Designed in 1999 by Romeo Sozzi, the creative spirit of Promemoria, the chair has become one of the bestseller of the collection. The Bilou Bilou, that recalls the classic Luigi Filippo chair, dated back to C1800, is the renaissance of a simple chair, gloriously enriched by a precious upholstery.
Completely made by hand at the Promemoria ateliers on the Como lakeshore factory, this versatile chair comes in a variety of colours.
In 2016, Alexander Purcell Rodrigues, Ashley Hicks, Mark Lee, Martin Waller, Steven Payne, Weeks & Cowling were invited by Promemoria to design their own personal vision of Bilou Bilou.
This international initiative which was held for the first time in Los Angeles in 2015, was subsequently repeated at the Promemoria showrooms in Moscow and New York where local designers and architects were invited to offer their own personal interpretations of the chair.
The six British designs will, as previously, be produced by Promemoria craftsmen at the facility in Valmadrera and will be exhibited on the occasion of the London Design Festival from the 17th. to the 25th. September 2016.
The great variety of designs and finishings which have been proposed show the high levels of creativity and skill of all those involved in the project, as well as the versatility of Bilou Bilou – a decisive and original chair, capable of a thousand transformations.
With this initiative, once again Promemoria demonstrates its ability to create unique pieces and bespoke interior designs for the most luxurious homes and the most demanding clientele.